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PAHUJA AQUA SERVICES-“We We Believe - Water Is Life”

A number of reputed water purifier companies have adopted RO filtration technique in their filters due to its high efficiency in purifying water completely and removing toxic metal contaminants like lead and a number of other nitrates from the water. Watching the growing popularity of RO water filters, the amount of RO service centres who provide servicing facilities for RO filters have also scaled up in recent years.

There are variety of advantages once you are opting to require the services of filter service center near your home because it becomes convenient for you to require the appointment also as personally visit the service center just in case of any queries. once you browse RO service center near me, you get details of high-rated RO filter servicing shops in your area which makes your filter servicing experience smooth and straightforward . Choosing a filter service center near your area also saves you from travelling to a foreign place and because it is in your locality you'll get the review and insights of the filter servicing shop quite easily with the assistance of your friends or neighbours. .


RO Customer Care in Gurgaon & Delhi NCR

Today’s life has become all about busy hectic schedules where you get no time for yourself, then in this busy time how even you can once think about the servicing of your water filter? Well, you need not to worry as things have become quite instant these days. With the help of internet you can get complete information about water filter service centers around you and can fix an appointment for the servicing of your RO water filter. You can find many authentic service centers near you by browsing for RO water filter service near me. Various water filter service providers offer a home visit and water filter servicing at reasonable prices, hence you can choose them to avail these services

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  • We Deal in All Water Purifier Brands in Gurgaon & Delhi NCR

    Water Purifier Service Aquaguard Water Purifier Service Eureka Forbes Water Purifier Service
    Pureit Water Purifier Service Livpure Water Purifier Service Aquafresh Water Purifier Service
    Aquasure Water Purifier Service Dr Aquaguard Water Purifier Service Local Water Purifier Service

    Terms and Condition:

  •    Three Periodical services (on demand) any additional visit during AMC period by intimation.
  •    Contract period 12 months.
  •    Menbrance one time change under AMC.
  •    Cabinet & Tab no covered in AMC.
  •    We use only Genuine Spare Parts.
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    At Pahuja Aqua Service , we are committed to protect the privacy of all customers. Any information you give us is held with the maximum care and security. This information is collected primarily to ensure that we are able to fulfill your requirements and to transfer you a truly personalized shopping knowledge. We are also bound to cooperate fully should a position arise where we are required by law or legal process to provide new information about a customer.

    Disclaimer: is an Independent By RO System company and have no relation brand company in any regards.


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    RO water filters have paved their way into our homes so strongly within the last 20 years thanks to their unmatchable water purifying capacity and efficiency to treat water completely so as to form it drinkable.

    Avail the RO Services Easily

    Gone are the days once you had to travel through a lengthy process to urge your RO water filters repaired or serviced, nowadays it's become very convenient to seek out and get in touch with a filter repair or service center in your locality. you'll look for RO service near me so as to seek out out best RO water filters servicing centers near your home. 

    Once you get the names of the shop and their contact details, you'll easily approach them to debate your concerns regarding your RO water system or check for the replacement options for old membrane or filters laced within your RO filter . once you approach a reputed servicing center, the technicians can assist you know various filter servicing plans, hence you'll choose one consistent with your requirements and budget. 

    To make it convenient for patrons many RO water purifier manufacturers have added the power of home servicing before and after the top of warranty period of the filter . Although you'll needn't to buy servicing of your RO filter , when it's in warranty period, however after the top of the warranty period you would possibly be charged an inexpensive amount for availing the servicing facility.

    Service and Maintenance of the RO Water Purifier

    For different brands of water purifiers, the servicing plans might differ slightly. as an example , for a few water purifiers the annual periodic maintenance is after every 3 month, while for a few it's going to plan every 4 months.

    You can easily find a relevant filter service center in your area by browsing RO center near me, when looking to get an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for your RO water purifier. you'll prefer to buy AMC for 1 year, 2 years, 3 years or more counting on your budget and requirements.

    After buying an AMC, you'll get tons of advantages like repair support just in case your RO filter possesses damaged or the filtration time possesses elongated, installation of specific parts or membranes, cleaning of filters and replacement of RO filter parts.

    TIPS to take care of RO WATER PURIFIER

    Today, the pollution level has increased to an incredible rate. aside from bacteria and viruses, beverage is getting accumulated with some microorganism and sediments that are hard to get rid of with only one filtration process. Thus, installing a water purifier has become a needful thing to try to to .

    Many times, you look for water purifier service near me and attain expert's help but often grind to a halt into problems thanks to technical know-how of purification systems. This lack of data makes us spend quite required. to assist you in handling your purification system, here, you'll find some specific tips to take care of water purifiers: 

    • The approximate period of adjusting the filter of water purifier is three months. Some purifiers are installed with screens of double lifespan. If you're checking out RO Water Purifier Service Near Me, it's advisable to hunt complete information about the sort of filter getting used in your purifier.
    • RO water purifiers are fitted with multiple filters. It are often a sediment filter, activated charcoal filter or the other type varying from product to product or price to cost . If you're trying to find RO Purifier Service Near Me, you'll invite the amount of filters used. These filters together make a filtration cycle inside the purification system that permit you've got pure water. Understanding the filters will assist you to know the technical operation of the purifiers.
    • Sediment filters are wont to remove dirt, silt, and sediments which will undergo the fragile membrane of the RO system. This filter is required to be changed a minimum of once a year. to vary the filter and attain professional help, one can search for RO PURIFIER SERVICE NEAR ME. The workers providing services for change, repair or installation of purifiers are habitual of handling purification system with ease. this is often due to their expertise and therefore the understanding of technique utilized in the manufacturing of purifiers. To let yourself affect the installation, repair or any change of filter, you'll invite water purifier mechanic near me and obtain the work done by experts.
    • Some RO purifiers also come fitted with carbon filters. it's thanks to this filter that affects the odor and taste of water and makes it lure entirely for you and your family. The screen is required to be changed once a year. To avail the service at the doorstep , you'll consider trying to find RO SYSTEM SERVICE NEAR ME.
    • There may be a semi-permeable membrane that filters out all the extra contaminants. supported the standard of water and its usage, a perfect period to vary the RO membrane is two-three months. to form yourself free from these regular filter change procedures, you'll consider RO PLANT SERVICE NEAR ME to avail annual maintenance contract.
    • Regular maintenance and filter replacements will enhance the performance of the purification system. One can invite RO WATER SERVICE NEAR ME to require expert’s advice. Professional assistance is always recommended to require up the charge of technical know-how.

    Reliable RO Water Filtration System Servicing Near You

    We are all aware that water is vital for our survival on this earth and drinking sufficient water daily is not only necessary but also a very healthy habit. We have been listening since our childhood about the importance of consuming purified and clean water to stay healthy. 

    RO (Reverse Osmosis) process of water filtration is an ideal method which can effectively eliminate contaminants and heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, fluoride, etc present in the water, to provide you with clean and fresh drinking water. 

    A number of companies are manufacturing RO water purifiers due to its higher demand. With increased sale of RO water filters, the number of RO water filter service centers has also increased. Nowadays, if you own a RO water filter system and looking for a service center for the same, all you can do is search for RO filter service near me to get contacts and addresses of authentic water purifier service centers near your area.

    Visit a Shop near You to Buy RO Water Filter

    Earlier it was a tough task to visit shop to shop in search of your ideal home appliance, be it a water filter, but with the passage of time and increase in number of water filter manufacturers, your search has become much easier.

    You can now easily find a RO water filter for purifying your drinking water and that too at quite affordable prices. Kent RO, Pureit, Aquaguard, etc are some of the most known RO water filter brands that do not only manufacture and sell water purifiers, but also provide a strong customer care service across the nation. 

    Choosing a Water Filter Service Center

    When you buy RO water filter, you must know that its periodic maintenance is very important to keep it working efficiently. After a certain time, the RO water purifier membrane present in RO water purifier filter must be replaced. Carbon filters, UV lamps, and sediment filters laced within the RO filter also need replacement after a certain amount of time.

    Although it is much more convenient to avail the filter servicing of the same RO water filter brands, but after the end of warranty period, the servicing cost may become a little higher for you. In that case, you can opt to avail water filter service near me to search for reputed service centers near your area, that provide water filter servicing for various water filter brands.  

    A well-established water filter service provider will always assist you on time and will provide you best of its services. You should always be aware of the water purifier brands of new water filter parts that are going to replace the old and original ones from your water filter. Also, you must check about the warranty of the replacements in order to avoid any future hassle.